CRASHfest and World Music/CRASHarts in The Boston Globe

You may not realize this. but CRASHfest is a HUGE deal to us at World Music/CRASHarts. For 25 years we have been presenting incredibly talented artists from around the globe to adventurous audiences in greater Boston. And on our 25th anniversary, and thanks to a very generous grant from the Wallace Foundation, we decided we needed to make our programming more accessible to a younger audience. And CRASHfest is that answer. CRASHfest hopes to introduce a new generation of music lovers to the amazing musicians that have inspired much of the music we all listen to today. Take Vampire Weekend, for example. Vampire Weekend has credited their sound to a mix of contemporary American indie-rock, Western classical music, and South African traditional music. And if you listen, you can hear those global beats and it's exciting and it's wonderful. World Music/CRASHarts brings you these influencers, to experience live direct from their countries around the world. It's time you expanded your musical horizons and discovered something new. 

If you need more information, The Boston Globe totally gets what we do and printed this incredible article. To read it online, click here