T-shirt printing by Drive By Press

I'm not sure I've properly described how cool Drive by Press is. If you've searched through our site, you will have seen that the FIRST 50 PEOPLE in the door of the festival get a free t-shirt. That's a pretty rad perk just for showing up early (doors are at 4:30pm). But do you understand how Drive by Press actually creates these shirts? Well, watch this.

Have I convinced you yet that you NEED a CRASHfest t-shirt printed by these guys? How about when I tell you that they are donating 40% of all proceeds to our nonprofit organization, World Music/CRASHarts. That just makes them that much cooler. Plan on bringing an extra $20 with you!

The Danger Booth

The Danger Booth is confirmed as our photo booth vendor for CRASHfest! It's this really neat open-air photo booth and we've just printed a pretty cool CRASHfest branded backdrop. Be sure to get your pic taken, and share it with #CRASHfest to see yourself up on the big screen between sets on the main stage! 

And, a quick heads up, using #CRASHfest also automatically gets you entered to win tickets to future World Music/CRASHarts events. So do it. As much as possible. Tagging World Music/CRASHarts earns you extra entries. 





Because we are expecting you to spend all night with us, enjoying these 10 incredible bands, we thought you'd need to be fed. But we didn't want to feed you just any normal chicken fingers and fries, we decided to stick with our theme of celebrating different cultures, and the chef over at the House of Blues restaurant came up with an incredibly delicious looking menu inspired by global street food items found around the world that will be available for sale during CRASHfest.

Is your mouth watering? It will be . . .

Chilled spicy sesame noodles with mango, basil, and peanuts
Bánh mì steak sandwich with cucumber, pickled radish, and white soy aioli
Classic paella
Roasted prawns with olives and romesco sauce
Chicken liver pate with pickled fennel on a grilled baguette
Whipped ricotta with artichoke and lemon cannoli
Wild boar bolognese
Short rib and manchego empanada
Chorizo arepas
Corn and edamame quesadilla with cuitlacoche

For the foodie in all of us . . . rejoice.

International cocktail list to come.